Today we consider the darkside.

We know our own stories. So much positivity, so much good, so much intent, so much progress, and yet all along we nurture, we cradle, we cherish our dear little foibles, our darling little tips of icebergs…..our blind spots.

There in our lives we find: junk food, wayward thoughts that are “beneath us,” a small vice, a secret desire to be a bit darker, a nonchalance about some faint indices of evil within.

And then there’s Walter’s ignorance of his addictive indulgence!

The utter truth is that in a cartoon universe, anything goes, anything’s permissible, anything’s viewable, anything’s a reflection of perfection. Indulgence is, indeed, the very essence of the game of consciousness. Everything is merely reflective, illusory, dreamlike. When you wake up from a dream in which some other dream character was harming “your” dream character, what is your response? Do you call the authorities?

No, you IMMEDIATELY and TOTALLY understand that everything in the dream just doesn’t matter anymore-even if the emotions of the dream are still racing through you. Just so, can you view your own “real” life. Just so, can you be beyond ALL THIS’s qualities as they impact your nervous system. You just have to wake up and yet keep this waking-dream going. Waking up means: developing a deep understanding of your true status and your dream status.

After a night of dreaming, no matter what the content of your dreams, you awaken refreshed and guilt free. The “universe” you dreamed up, the characters you played, the adventures you experienced all have not touched your waking life with glory or sin. Hey, it was just a dream, right?

Exactly like this, your waking-dream is Universal Consciousness displaying the fullest possible presentation of the potentiality of your body/mind-the sublime nuances of spirituality, the depths of despair, the darkness, the light-all of it. And, Universal Consciousness will not have any doubts about ANY of it, because it is only an experience producing automaton. Every quality will be explored using billions of nervous systems. EVERY!

Your life has been created in all its robust magnificence. All colors, all tints, the complete spectrum of desire and fulfillment, an incredibly subtle weaving of all qualities, has been yours to behold as it has all wonderfully been created for the pure enjoyment of it.

Question: have you ever enjoyed a monster movie, a dark drama, a film that ends sadly? How about the movie your life is right now? Can’t it compete with any film you’ve ever seen-in terms of how strong the emotional content is, the density and depth of meaning, and the actual, sheer, wonderful danger, adventure, thrill, exhilaration of it?

There, always right THERE, you have had your life manifesting with EVERYTHING within your COMPLETE VIEW. In your face, baby! And it’s a lot better than anything a movie ticket will get for you.

Like this, we can view ourselves. The sheer drama of our lives, the mystery of what our next thought will be, what a ride!

And all along, the witness too.

Peek a boo!

Ask yourself,Is God ashamed of creation? Does God ever feel depressed? Shouldn’t God feel pretty awful-after all, look at the “imperfections” that ALL THIS contains? The horror, the evil, the pain of it all, how could God possibly put up with this?

Is this all a dream of God? When God awakens from the this dream with all its darkness, is that the same as it is for me when I awaken from a dream that had some darkness too?

When I look at my own personality’s darkside, can I both be concerned and yet above it all? Is having this sense of characterhood and distance from my life’s values a dangerous thing to allow?

If I were perfect, then what more could I ask for? Can I get it now without doing the transformations of personality? What is the difference between perfection and being beyond all qualities?

Would I ever drink a can of chocolate syrup with a straw? How about one Pandorian sip? Am I really just a conduit that is thrilled no matter what quality comes through me? Do I love my own evil?