Instructions for the IQ Test

You must work mentally.
Do not use pencil or paper or a calculator during this test.
Be ready to determine whether the statements that follow are true or false.
You will have to click either a true or a false button to indicate your response.

The test is timed, so work quickly, but take enough time to consider each question seriously.
Correct answers are more important than the time.

During the test, you must read and respond to a total of 38 statements.
You may take as long as you wish, but if you complete the test quickly, your score will be increased.
If you are very slow, your score will be lower.

So, be ready to concentrate and think fast!

1The word, "mineral," can be spelled using only the letters found in the word, "parliament."
2This sequence of four words, "triangle, glove, clock, bicycle," corresponds to this sequence of numbers "3, 5, 12, 2."
327 minutes before 7 o'clock is 33 minutes past 5 o'clock.
4The word "because" can be spelled by using the first letters of the words in the following sentence: Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants.
5If written backwards, the number, "one thousand, one hundred twenty-five," would be written "five thousand, two hundred eleven."
6Gary has only forty-eight dollars. If he borrows fifty-seven dollars from Jane and fifteen dollars from Jill, he can buy a bicycle that costs one hundred twenty dollars, (disregarding tax.)
7If a round analog clock featuring numbers 1-12 is hung on the wall upside down, the minute hand will point to the right of the viewer when the clock reads two forty-five.
8If the word, "quane," is understood to mean the same as the word, "den," then the following sentence is grammatically correct: "Looking out from my quane, I could see a wolf enter quane."
9If Richard looks into a mirror and touches his left ear with his right hand, Richard's image seems to touch its right ear with its left hand.
10If you leave the letters in the same order, but rearrange the spaces in the phrase, "Them eats on," it can be read as, "Theme at son."
11Each of the words, "auctioned, education, and cautioned," uses the same letters.
12John weighs 85 pounds. Jeff weighs 105 pounds. Jake weighs 115 pounds. Two of them standing together on the same scale could weigh 200 pounds.
13The seventh vowel appearing in this sentence is the letter "a."
14Nine chickens, two dogs, and three cats have a total of forty legs.
15Sixteen hours are to one day as twenty days are to June's length.
16In the English alphabet, there are exactly four letters between the letter "M" and the letter "G."
17If the word, "TAN," is written under the word, "SLY," and the word, "TOT," is written under "TAN," then the word, "SAT," is formed diagonally.
18By removing seven letters from the word, "motherhood," the word, "home," can be formed.
19If a thumb is a finger, then three gloves and three shoes normally hold thirty-five fingers and toes.
20The words, "every, how, hand, ever," can form common compound words using, respectively, "one, ever, finger, more."
21If Monday is the first day of the month, the very next Saturday is the fifth day of the month.
22Three of the following numbers add up to the number 31: 17, 3, 2, 19, 5.
23Fred will be four blocks from his starting place if he travels two blocks north, then three blocks east, and then two blocks south.
24The following words are the opposites of words that begin with the letter R: unreal, street, grasp, unwind, wrong.
25The following, disregarding punctuation, is spelled the same forwards as it is backwards: "Todd erases a red dot."
26The letters of the word, "sponged," appear in reverse alphabetical order.
27The numbers, 3-7-2-4-8-1-5, are read backwards as 5-1-8-4-2-7-3.
28The odd numbers in this group add up to an even number:  15, 32, 5, 13, 82, 7, 1.
29Without breaking or bending a toothpick, you can spell the word, "FIN," with exactly seven toothpicks, with no letter sharing a toothpick used by another letter.
30This sentence has thirty-five letters.
31A square whose sides each measure ten centimeters can completely fit inside of a regular hexagon whose sides each measure ten centimeters.
32Six identical triangles can be formed by drawing two straight lines through an octagon's center point.
33The number 64 is the next logical number in the following sequence of numbers: 2, 6, 14, 30...
34Robert is taller than John. Charlie is taller than Robert. Therefore, John is the shortest of the three.
35The sum of all the odd numbers from zero to 16 is an even number.
36If each of seven persons in a group shakes hands with each of the other six persons, then a total of forty-two handshakes occurs.
37Three congruent regular hexagons can be drawn in such a way that all of them overlap each other and create more than 6 distinct areas or compartments.
38If a doughnut shaped house has two doors to the outside and three doors to the inner courtyard, then it's possible to end up back at your starting place by walking through all five doors of the house without ever walking through the same door twice.

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