Angels, demons, choice, innocence

Imagine yourself to be on a tightrope that extends in front of you into the distance forever. The rope is bright even in the distance and glows from within. With only the rope visible, you are otherwise in complete darkness.

You look down and see nothing but blackness, but then, suddenly, on one side of the rope is a huge crowd of demons and monsters wanting you to fall into their midst. They pulsate a sickening wave of evil.

At the same moment, on the other side appears a wonderful choir of angelic beings singing of their love for you. Their radiance fills you with bliss.

Now quickly note-on which side are the angelic beings? Right or left?

Ask yourself,What part of me makes these decisions?

How is it that my imagination so easily determine things and create visions, scenarios, probabilities, etc., and yet I do not use this power of mine very often in my daily life to help me make other kinds of decisions?

Why does this imagined scenario seem so ordinary and easily envisioned by me when in reality it is such a fantastic situation?

Am I left handed?

In the vision, how did I feel about my “role” in the situation? Was it familiar to me in a symbolic fashion? What parts of my real life had me looking at aspects of this scene as “ordinary” after a fashion? How come I did not react to this with fear?

Could I feel this way when challenged in daily life as I have just now felt in this imagined dilemma? Can I be “above it all?”

If I were a saint, would life’s terrors and attractions, be equal to me in the sense that they are both nervous system activities?

If I fell from the tightrope, just at the moment I lost my balance, and I was certain that I was about to fall, would it initially matter to me which side I was falling on, or would my reaction almost totally be that I was falling from a height?

Have I fallen from such a height? When I was born was I floating above it all on my innocence?