Applied creativity

Use these words in a single sentence: turtle, automobile, carrot.

The sentence doesn’t have to make “that much sense”-just get it to where another person who reads the sentence would get some meaning out of it easily without straining to wonder what you were conveying.

Now, use these words in a single sentence: skipping, artichoke, kite, triangle.

Now, use these words in a single sentence: weather, heaven, today, mother, worms.

Ask yourself,Why is it so easy for my mind to do this kind of task?

Where is this creativity working in my daily life?

Where isn’t it working?

Is there some way that I can step aside more often and let this kind of process work for me?

How can I become more vigilant and become more aware of moments in my life when my creativity can be consciously brought to bear upon my experiences?

Can I make sense out of just about anything? Can I take any two events of my life and put them together in a sentence about me?