Canned speech, automatic patterns

The next time you speak to someone, pretend that both of you are a ventriloquist’s dummies and that someone is actually speaking for both of you with different voices, actions, etc.

Get into this. Continually place your attention on and return it to the concept of being a ventriloquist’s dummy and comparing it to your actual experiences while engaging in the conversation.

Note the smoothness of the conversation-how “practiced and rehearsed” it seems, or at least, how much each conversation would be applauded as such if seen in a television show.

Note how much of your partner’s words seem automated, canned, scripted, or part of a “knee jerk” pattern.

Ask yourself,Why do I “put up with” the lack of creative spontaneity in others and myself? Why do I “go with” most of my interchanges being a “fairly routine and predictable” event?

Am I a computer program that spits out whatever is “called for” by my environment?

If I could permanently live this reality that “one being is speaking through all”, would I give my permission for it to happen to me?

What is the value of such a reality if this were the actual case? How would such things as beauty, meaning, and value be altered if everyone understood this to be the case?

What would the long-term payoff be if I tried to at least consider this to be true more often in my life?

What would I think of The Great Ventriloquist if I knew that in actual fact there was one?