Causality, doing, doer, witness

Stand in a place with sounds from the wind or a radio or office machines. While listening to these sounds, start counting inside your mind from one to one hundred. While you are counting and listening to the sounds, tap your hand on the side of your leg in time with your counting and then read something.

Ask yourself,While you are doing all this, ask yourself these types of questions repeatedly:

Who is doing all this activity?

Who is listening?

Who counts?

Who taps?

Who reads?

Who continues activities when I am almost fully attending to something else?

Can I go “fully automatic?” Can I merely observe my thoughts, emotions, actions, etc.? Am I actually doing this now?

What would be the long-term advantage to learning to “let go” and to merely observe the functioning of my nervous system without “getting involved with it?”

If I could “just let go” and observe my life, would this be any different from my concept of God’s methods of knowing about “me?”