Discovering the chooser

This exercise only succeeds if you rush through it very QUICKLY. Be prepared to IMMEDIATELY begin the exercise after these instructions are read.

From each of the following pairs, choose your favorite “word”-base your decision ONLY on the actual sound of the word when it is spoken aloud. Do this entire list in less than 10 seconds-one second per pair. Try to make real choices that you will stand by for the rest of your life. Take this exercise as seriously as possible. Start NOW:

Bell or Paper?

Aurora or Weather?

Vinyl or Canvas?

Bark or Leaf?

Dulorig or Mahwoni?

Machine or Pejorative?

Condemn or Wrilgrug?

Mugwamp or Thingamajig?

Rutabaga or Sesame?

Mother or Father?

Ask yourself,

Who makes these decisions? Why am I not invited to the “debate” that must have been held “somewhere” within my mind?

Why are some decisions so easy to make?

Why are some decisions so hard for me to make? How do I feel when decisions come slowly?

Why do I resist the time requirement of this exercise? What part of me dislikes rushing?

Now that I have made them, how do I feel when I am forced to live “forever” with these” artificially rushed” decisions? What suffers in this process? Why do I want the right to change my mind if I want to later?

Did I somehow feel the exercise “played unfair” when nonsense “words” were used?

Did I feel immoral making the final choice?

Did I feel anger toward the creator of this exercise for asking me to make the final choice?

Why do I insist that the set of letters “bannanna” is a misspelling of the word “banana”?

How is this exercise similar to “working”?