Ego, sound, thoughts

Say the following sentence, mentally, eyes closed, without moving your lips or tongue:

“Whose voice am I hearing right now-saying this sentence?”

Say this sentence mentally at least ten times, and mean these words as much as possible.

Intensely try to hear the “actual sound” of your inner voice-as if there was a small radio inside your head broadcasting those words.

Ask yourself,When I normally daydream or otherwise “re-enact” or “imagine” an experience, and I hear distinct voices inside my head, what is the nature of this illusion that I can actually feel like I hear the voices of others and myself? Does thinking of a sound ACTUALLY have anything in common with hearing outside sounds?

What does the mental voice, with which I normally speak to myself, sound like? How would it sound if I heard it aloud as if spoken by another person? Deep? High? Masculine/feminine? Emotional/deadpan?

If I mentally “hear” someone or something making a sound that is loud, how does this differ from the other mentally “heard” sounds? What makes me feel that this sound is “louder” than the others?

Who really is speaking these words, and what part of me “thinks” it is talking? And to whom does this part think it is talking?

Is “ego” a good term for the part of me that thinks it is doing the talking?

If something that I call “me” is listening to thoughts that this “me” thinks, then does this mean that I am something completely different from thoughts-am I an experiencer rather than that which is experienced?

What is the relationship between “me” and “my thoughts?” What could I possibly be other than my present and past thoughts?

Is there something subtler than thoughts? Is that the “real” me?