Emotional balancing

Next time you are angry, rate this anger on a scale of 1-10.

Then, with your eyes closed, begin to tap the palms of your hands alternately, right, left, right, left etc. The fingertips of your right hand touch the palm of your right hand. Then left fingertips on the left palm.

As you do this, merely focus on the physical sensation of the tips touching the palms. Make no effort to think nice thoughts or to mentally attempt to calm down in any other way.

After one minute, rate your degree of anger again.

Do this until you are feeling bored or have significantly reduced your anger.

Ask yourself,If given the choice to be angry or to attempt to lessen my anger by using this method, would I choose to lessen my anger, in most instances? Do I sometimes “like” to be angry, resentful, or indignant?

If I can abate the intensity of my emotions using this method, should I make a conscious attempt to do so more often?

What is it about the intensity of anger that depends upon an imbalance between the two sides of my nervous system and that it can so easily be reduced so quickly? What does this say about my initial insistence that the “triggering issue” that “caused” this emotion is to be dealt with intellectually and/or otherwise?

If there were a “magic button” that I could press and instantly bring me to “normal” every time I got emotionally negative, would I? Would I?

What can I do that is preventative that involves maintaining a balanced nervous system? What can I do before I must choose to intervene with a tool such as tapping palms? How can I “own” my nervous system and how it reacts?

Would I push the button if I found myself attracted to a person who was not my spouse/partner? Under what circumstances do I feel strong emotions ARE positive and life supporting?

Do I know how to “go with” an emotion and even help it intensify? If I can help it intensify, can I reverse that process? How would I go about doing that?

Can I be my own psychologist?