Expansion of awareness, attention

The next time you are about to eat a delicious meal, resolve to eat the first mouthful in utter slow motion.

Slowly, put your fork into the food and then wait one full minute as you look at the food and think about how it is going to taste.

Then raise the forkful to your lips, and stop again, and merely smell the wonderful aroma for ten full seconds.

Then take the mouthful, but do not start chewing for ten seconds while you experience the taste of the food as its flavor travels out to the various parts of your mouth.

Then chew slowly-one chew per three seconds. Each time you swallow a small portion of this mouthful, try to “track” your food downwards as you feel the bodily sensations of swallowing.

Ask yourself,What would life be like if I enjoyed all of life to such exquisite detail.

What urges me to chew faster when I experiment like this?

What would slower chewing do to the amount of food I consumed?

When I closely attend like this, what is it that I am “turning on” to accomplish this?

Am I, in fact, already turned on like this, but simply am jumping from one kind of experience to another in such rapid succession that I do not notice the magnitude of my attention-because I am not repetitively focusing on one type of experience?

Am I a set of experiences?

Who am I-if I am not my tasting experience? Who is this experiencer to whom the tasting experience is being delivered?

What is the difference between my thoughts and me?

When I am experiencing dreamless, deep sleep, who is this non-experiencing experiencer?

Do I have good taste?