The True Story

Read the following title of a famous children’s story:


This title means nothing to most people when first encountered.

Now, think about the well-known story of a small girl with golden hair  who has trouble with a family of furry creatures.

Does the title mean anything to you yet? Okay, just in case, here’s the title of the story when directly translated from the above:

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears”

The first six lines of this story are written below in this strange form of language. Your exercise is to translate them as we have translated the title above. Here they are:

Wands apron at I’m, share wasp alit toe grill. Dish lit toe grill hat lung go den bland coils. Beak cost offer lung go den bland coils, purple culled hare “God Relax.” Won fond moaning, God Relax trolled inn two hay fur rest necks tour howls. Beef oar lung, God Relax wasp lust. Cow fuzz sheep goring two fainter whey hum?

The rest of the story is provided below, but first,

Ask Yourself:

Is there any meaning actually contained in the words of the sentences?

Why is it that the words only have to faintly suggest or sound close enough for me to assign their “real” meaning to them? Why is my intellect so forgiving?

When I read a normal English sentence, is my intellect also forgiving? How much am I helping out when I read a sentence? How often am I filling in what is supposed to be there?

How often in my daily life do I project meaning onto sensory input that simply is not there? Am I bending life’s input to fit a story I already know and am bent on telling to myself? If so, how does the story end?

Do I assume that my interpretation is reality, based on my best guess?

Is it possible that I could suddenly see that life, as I presently know it, could present quite a different story? Is life’s secret just waiting for me right before my eyes? If I knew the true story of life, could I make this old life suddenly transform into a grander tale?

When bad things happen to good people, do I apply a story of mine to their experiences, so that I feel comfortable?

My imagination is powerful enough that these faintly suggestive sentences could trigger my interpretive abilities. But what chance do I have of reinterpreting input that is not in the least faint, but instead is traditional and conditioned input that, right from birth, I have been taught to know to have a very precise meaning? Am I strong enough to see things with a clear eye? Can I see a ball roll across a floor with the same awe as a seven-month-old baby? What story does the baby tell about the ball?

Who wrote my story? Why do I want to tell it?

Now here is the rest of the story for those of you who want to have more “aha” experiences. Enjoy.

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Delighter bore sat, “Soon booty ache almond purr edge!”

Departer born shod, “Shack displace ought!”

Deem Martyr burn shed, “Brogue yore char, tooth!”

God Relax hoard debars load verses. Quack lick affix, sheep lapped true abet roam dwindle, hand debars ware how tough lock.