Focus, attention, intention, concentration

Precisely controlled your eye movements.

Do this:

Stare at each letter in this sentence as you read it-trying to consciously note the movement of your eyeball in your eye socket as it jumps from letter to letter.

Note that you can see more than one letter at a time, and yet, you can “manually” adjust with pinpoint jumps the exact direction of your eyes’ target.

Focus on the central letter, X, in the group of letters below, and try to see how far away from that central letter you can still recognize the other letters in the group without losing your focus on the X.


Ask yourself,Is there an emotional payoff to consciously using my eyes in certain instances where I am presently using them in the automatic or unconscious mode?

What are the parts of my body that I am “ignoring” like this that I can easily bring my attention to during certain typical uses? Would there be a payoff for this?

How is it that my mind can “scan” to read more than one letter in a glance without my eyes having to “retarget?” Is there a psychological parallel to this? Do I “glance” at emotions, issues, concepts, and personalities without truly targeting them?

If I was with someone I love, and I did this technique while looking at him or her “from time to time,” what would that do to my “here and now” experiencing of that person?