Getting saturated

Time to take some personal-belief inventory by looking at some “new age” definitions. Read the words and meanings below. The definitions may not be the same as yours; if so, pause and compare your definition with them. If you are unclear or cannot make distinctions, well, work on that!


There are two kinds-individual and Universal. Universal Consciousness is ALL THIS. Whenever Universal Consciousness creates an individual nervous system, it is said to be localized or an individual. An analogy for this is: water, when it is found inside an open jar that at the bottom of the ocean, can be said to be “ocean too” even though it is inside the jar, but from the “jar’s point of view” the water inside the jar is “different” from “all that other water” just because of its “association” with the jar. The jar is wrong about this. People are jars filled with Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is NOT SENTIENT. It is ALL THIS, but it is not the witness.


These are words for individual consciousness. There is only one soul, but it appears that there are many souls, but it is only like the ocean inside many jars. You have the same soul as everyone else, and it is vastly bigger than the jar’s boundaries. Imagine a master-puppeteer with a huge number of hands placed inside all the “puppets” of the world-it would spoil the “play” if the master-puppeteer had all the puppets always “knowing” that they were puppets. It’s more fun to pretend that there is no connection between the puppets, and so the master-puppeteer has the puppets pretend to be individuals.


An adjective that means that an action, thought, or emotion is directly related to Universal Consciousness. ALL THIS is within Universal Consciousness-just like everything inside a dream that you have is inside your mind. And so, everything is spiritual. It is an erroneous conceit of an individual to label only some things as spiritual.


There is no way to define this-even these words here. But, here’s what “witness” means when one pretends that it is definable: it is the sentience that is aware of the doers-doings-dones that comprise all the “actions” of Universal Consciousness. The witness is the only entity in the audience that watches the great drama put on by Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is what the witness would see if it looked into a mirror. Universal Consciousness is an illusion-a precise, but nonetheless reflected image. The witness is absolute; any THING is not the witness. Any thing is relative. Any thing is only found within the illusion that is Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is not the witness, but it is as close as you can get! You are the witness. Everything else (thoughts, personality, consciousness, emotions, perceptions, memories, etc.) is not you.


That part of the “water inside the jar” that seems to create concepts and seems to have perceptions that are localized and shaped and colored by the intrinsic characteristics of the jar. Hence, a human jar has very complex and sophisticated “mental activity.” Animals, less so. Plants, lesser so. Rocks, still less…..and so on. “Mind” and “self” are often not distinguished by the individual as separate objects, but they are. A self HAS a mind. Universal Consciousness has both of them within its drama.


A concept that individual minds use to think about Universal Consciousness.


All knowledge is false-in that it is illusory. If a dream character says, “I’m alive,” this is an analogy of how knowledge is false. Anything within the dream is false/illusory. Anything you see in the mirror is NOT YOU-it is an image only. Anything presented to the witness is NOT the witness.


There is no such thing. A dream character cannot become a living entity. Just so, an individual soul cannot become the witness. The only thing a character in a dream or “you” in Universal Consciousness’ great drama can achieve is harmony with the knowledge of the definitions on this page-that is, your character in the drama can become so saturated with this knowledge that it no longer feels threatened or thrilled in any way whatsoever by the drama, and yet, your character will be a perfect actor in it! This is the equivalent of waking up while still keeping a dream going and realizing your true status while at the same time “letting the dream continue and acting the role properly within the dream.”

Ask yourself,What does my image in the mirror see when it looks at me?

How can I possibly use the above definitions and mean them deeply? Wouldn’t it be/mean the end of “me?”

Why bother with all this abstract stuff? Why shouldn’t I just go on believing myself to be a sentient entity? What harm could come to me if I don’t believe the above?

If the master-puppeteer sees fit to have me do/think/feel something, who am I to argue with him/her?