Creating All This

Below is an exercise that you can find on the Internet in thousands of variations. It is usually put into the “new age” category. Read it over a few times, and see if you think your deepest understanding about life is in harmony with it on one or more levels.

The exercise:

“For just a few seconds stop and take a look around.

Stop and see ALL THIS as if from the eyes of a far soaring bird floating high above the fray.

From that vantage, look at the beauty of your world. Note the colors, the sounds, the shapes, the sheer uniqueness of everything that poetically interacts with itself in a glorious play.

Take on the ownership of ALL THIS, and know that it is your divine expression of all that you are.

Savor yourself being the creator of ALL THIS.

Know that from this moment on, you are going to, every day in every way, become better at knowing your power to change ALL THIS and to better form the heaven on earth that you deserve.

Ask yourself:

Really, now, just how much does this kind of “thing” match my experiences in REAL life? Do I really feel it would be possible for me to change even a tiny fraction of ALL THIS? Have I ever in my life felt truly godlike in the least?

Do I think it could be this simple–that believing this “kind of stuff” could transform my meager powers to such heights?

Is this “divine inner powers” concept true for ANYONE? Really now, do I believe that even one out of a million persons on this planet RIGHT NOW is capable of changing the world to any significant degree?

Just whom IS this statement targeting? Is it me? Me? Me, the person who cannot predict the very next thought that is going to occur to me? Me, who talks, berates and argues with VCRs, toasters, and a host of other small appliances? Me, who thinks Mickey Mouse loves Minnie?

At this point, at this late date, with me having read a lot of these Consciousness Exercises, am I really any better off at all? Aside from having been around the “consciousness block” a few times, just what have I gained here?

Do I identify with daily life more than I identify with this new age stuff? Are all the “negative affirmations” and disempowerments of daily life too overwhelming for me to have any hope of counteracting? Can I rewrite my patterns with this Pollyanna approach?

How absurd is it to think that I have any role in creating most of what I call daily life? Do I have the slightest sense of causality here? Just when have I EVER felt myself to be the author of, say, a chair across the room, the flight of a bird across the sky, the next word in this exercise? What can I make of all this new age insistence of my ultimate empowerment when it is so clearly not only otherwise for me, but also, it seems for EVERYONE?

Can it be that I am not who they are talking about? Where’s that other person?

Am I really the invisible, unknowable, transcendental, author of ALL THIS? When I compare what I am now to my nightly dreamt up characters and their limited understanding of causality in their dreamy “all this” world, am I godlike?

What God stands EXACTLY behind me when I look into the mirror?

How does Mickey Mouse go about meeting Walt Disney?