Create a phrase or sentence that expresses a general feeling of gratitude. It could be “I gratefully accept this gift of _____.” Choose some words that work best for you.

Now, whenever you “get something” during daily life, use the phrase and fill in the blank.

Use this for even the smallest of things received, events experienced, memories rekindled, etc. Your goal is to create a knee-jerk pattern of gratitude that will gradually become a background emotion that will always be there to immediately pick-up on life’s bounties.

Practice this faithfully, and it will improve your life significantly. There’s nothing like an overflowing heart.

Ask Yourself:

Is it this simple? Can I go around all day being thankful for big and little things? Can I totally swamp myself with gratitude? Could I be THAT happy?

Can I start a gratitude avalanche with tiny snowball efforts like this?

What is gratitude? Is it a form of happiness? Can young infants be grateful?

Is my life more a gift to me than it is a paycheck for all my hard work? Could I ever see ALL THIS as one enormous present?

Are my thoughts presents to me? Who’s giving?

If I had a dream in which I, as a dream character, experienced gratitude after receiving a gift, would that be the same as the waking me doing it? Would it have the same effect on my personality?