Intuition, trust, faith, love, infinity

Try to score has highly as possible in this “game”. Here is the one rule:

If you have two distinct emotions before you finish reading this sentence, and if one of those emotions has at least three times the intensity of the other emotion, give yourself ten points, but only give yourself half these points if half the intensity of the stronger emotion is twice the intensity of the emotion you had just a few seconds before you began to read this sentence, but if you have more than two distinct emotions then divide the total intensity of all the emotions by the intensity of the least intense emotion, and give yourself seven and three quarters points if that amount of intensity is half or less of the intensity of the most intense emotion.

Ask yourself,How many points did I just score?

How did I just now feel? What is my typical reaction to impossible requests?

Why would I possibly ever care about such a seemingly worthless fact or put forth the effort needed to acquire it? How much of life is like this for me? How much is my life affected by me hitting similar walls of boggling complexity and quitting any analytical processes?

How much minutia do I personally need to know about a person to be “comfortable” in a relationship? How much do I really have to know about someone’s history and typical behaviors before I feel I can “compute” that person’s value or meaning to me?

How intimate do I have to be with a person’s emotional experiences, before I feel I am relating to that person? Can I ever really be confident that I know how another person really feels at any given moment?

Why am I so unscientific about just about everything that matters most to me?

Am I unscientific? Or, do I somehow know “stuff” about others that cannot be indicated by qualities that might be incredibly hard to measure or analyze? How much time, effort, and thinking do I avoid by trusting my intuition?

Am I a fool? Or am I a “trusting soul?” Or, am I a sharp eyed, intuitive psychic who rarely sizes up anyone wrongly?

In all this immensity, this universe, this fabulousitudiosity, how much do my facts add up to? Are my life’s total points only available in a sub-note within a mind-busting, science killing, eternity swallowing intellectual analysis that will never be concluded?

When last I fell in love, what value did the minute flecks of color in my love’s eyes have for me? Why was I so sure of the total?

While gazing into my eyes, what DOES God do with all that is seen?