Involuntary responses

Before you do the following, be prepared to do nothing at all as far as it is possible for you do so.

Intend to do no thinking on purpose. Nothing extra is to be added to this exercise. Just be ready to relax and watch what your mind does without you doing anything to help it.

While you are not doing anything and just relaxing, it will be okay to passively note the effortlessness of your thinking. Are you ready?

Prepare to do nothing.

This process will happen automatically and quickly so be ready to do nothing.

Just watch your mind responding without your help.

Ready? Here goes.

Just read the following and then relax. Do nothing for about ten seconds after you have read the following:


Ask yourself,How does my brain know what a question means?

Did my brain first look up the words “red” and “fruit,” etc., and then process the meaning of the sentence and then use that understanding to take actions upon it? Did it do these things separately, all at once, one at a time, what are the details of this process? Why am I so in the dark about it all?

Why did my brain name fruits without my permission? I was intending to do nothing!

What is the power of a question, and do I ask enough questions about myself?

Is this how I have emotions too? Do I “just have them by some automatic process that is mysterious triggered” without hardly an inkling of where they come from?

Can I stop this process? Would I?

If I were a perfect person, would my mind still work like this? Does everyone’s mind work like this-including the minds of those that have been called great thinkers, saints, enlightened, mentally retarded, insane, evil?

Just where is the point where I CAN control my thoughts?