Look Who’s Talking

Well, we’re almost through with your final examination.

Today’s statement, for your approval, is one that presents the highest knowledge….and beyond. Examine your reactions to all these words. If something appears untrue or far fetched, “feels wrong,” look deeper. All these final examination “assertions” have, at least partially, had over 130 preparatory exercises which yield “hard data” upon which you can base conclusions similar to these statements. Without the experiences of the exercises (or other self help programs,) it is almost impossible for your intellect to grasp them or even care to explore them with rigor.

All religions and philosophies attempt to explain the ultimate, and Walter is here to tell us in his inimitable fashion. In the statements of western philosophers, especially those of high energy physicists, reality is said to break down upon inspection, and all bets are off when you look very, very closely at anything. Commonly you hear, “The ultimate ground state of existence is purely abstract-no materiality can be found. Out of the “virtual field” an infinite amount of material can suddenly spring.” To our egos such scientific statements are completely insane. To our egos, such summations seem completely beyond any practical application to our daily lives and should be largely ignored or used only for cocktail party chatter.

In eastern philosophies, the cliche is: “I am that. Thou art that. ALL THIS is that.” Again, this is a completely insane statement when considered from an egocentric viewpoint.

What to do?

As Walter opines, the problem is that whenever you try to find anyone other than yourself, you always end up looking into a mirror.

Walter’s right!

Our nightly dreams are the most powerful metaphor that any of the exercises have presented. In the ultimate analysis, your daily life is EXACTLY like your nightly dreams. Examine any experience that you have in the waking state with the dynamic “take” that you are, in fact, dreaming, and you will EASILY understand, deeply, how the above philosophers’ statements can be true.

For instance, consider a typical dream in which you have an ordinary experience of talking to someone in a furnished room. Upon awakening, your perspective changes. You have a REALIZATION-a self evident, obvious, indisputable, understanding is intimately yours, and, relative to the understanding of the dream-characters, you are “enlightened” and know the “ultimate” truth about that dream world. You know that both persons in the dream were deluded about their true status, and that each dream-person was seamlessly integrated in the dream milieu. Dream-objects in the room were no more “separate entities” than the persons. The entire dream was “one piece.” From your awakened viewpoint, unity was the overriding aspect of that world.

A dream-scientist in that dream-room would have announced,

“My instruments find no ultimate particle, and ALL THIS is some sort of “mind stuff” that requires a strong, new definition of consciousness to understand. The closer I look, the more everything is made out of the same stuff! There are no boundaries between things. This chair and the air next to it are made out of the same stuff. Our intellects are creating false boundaries in this “sea of stuff,” and thus only are separate things formed. There’s no “we;” there’s only STUFF.”

A dream-guru would have said,

“ALL THIS is an illusion. Everything is simultaneously sprung from the same source. I, thou, and ALL THIS springs from some other source that is not observable by our senses. We are being dreamed! Our dream-eyes cannot see the alarm clock next to the bed of the sleeping head that is producing this world. Even if the sleeping person awakens, our eyes will not be able to see it. Our very nature is ephemeral. All our memories, our histories, our experiences, our society, our truths evaporate when the dreamer awakens. The taste of an apple in this dream is only symbolic of the real tasting of an awakened-apple. One plus one equals two here only because we insist that there are separate objects. All our polarizations are illusions.”

This ultimate truth is the answer to EVERY problem in life. No matter what crisis you experience, if it were inside a dream, the awakened-solution is always, “You’re mistaken. There is no problem. No solution is needed.” You have never, NOT ONCE, in your entire life, awakened from a dream and felt it necessary to “go back in there” to: “get even,” “finish what I started,” “get my payoff,” “straighten out my affairs before I awaken,” “hide my money in some place where I can get it when I come back,” “save everyone there with the truth about ‘enlightened awakened consciousness,” or “kiss my loved ones one last time.”

This is because you know yourself to be the author of the dream. You “were” the pair, the chair, the air, and you think it quite fair that you no longer care.

Just so is ALL THIS sprung from one source. Just so is ALL THIS purely unified, or better put, was NEVER a set of separate parts. Just so is your predicament like a dream-character’s challenge. You must learn to accept that every value will eventually disappear along with the objects to which they are attached-even the value of being. This is the one thing that the dream-character can seem to do to “better” its life; that is, come to an intellectual understanding of its dream-status.

The good news is that, upon awakening, nothing is lost, because there never was something in the first place. The good news is that awakening is perfectly, deeply, completely, absolutely, instantly, acceptable. The good news is that you and Walter have the same problem, and you ALREADY KNOW the solution to his problem. Walter’s solution is yours RIGHT NOW. There is no need to deepen this understanding. All you have to do for your own character is dwell on that solution. Cherish it. Brandish it. Live it. Own it. Use it. Promote it. Sing it. Glorify it.

Or not. That’s okay too. No matter what, unity is the overriding status of ALL THIS, and every time you analyze a remembered dream, you can attend to this knowledge.

The absolute witness is immutably there. It supports ALL THIS which springs from it instant by instant. ALL THIS is its reflection. The exercises all give lessons about this truth. Verily, the witness is the very heart of all of them since you are the witness.

Ask yourself,If I did a Consciousness Exercise while I was dreaming, would I wake up?

Could I just look at all my experiences, ALL OF THEM, like I look at all the people on a busy street as I am strolling along? Can I just as easily find my way through them with as little regard for their roiling destinies?

Am I going to use these exercises or some other program(s) to get ALL THIS straightened out once and for all? Or not? What do I feel like doing now?

Just what DO I feel like cherishing, brandishing, living, owning, using, promoting, singing, and glorifying today-absolute freedom or boundaries everywhere?