Memory, jokes, life story

Have someone tell you a joke.

Give the joke a one word title.

Write the title down on a slip of paper. Put the paper somewhere “out of the way,” but where you WILL see it tomorrow or a few days from now.

When you see it again, tell the joke to someone else.

Ask yourself,How is it that, though I did not rehearse or write down the joke, and though I have not retold it “word for word,” yet I have effortlessly been able to recall it and communicate it?

What is my full power to remember a series of statements when they are connected “story like?”

Is there a way that I can use this “memory trick” to retain other sets of information as effortlessly?

This effortlessness, how much of it do I see in my daily life? How often do I spend large amounts of time just doing what I know has to be done without ever having actually done that very exact thing before? How much of my life do I have to be present for in order to get something done? Is most of my time spent “retelling?”

Is there a way in which I can see my life as a story “I already know” that I am telling to the world?

Am I, my life, something the universe “made a note” about? Am I being told right now?

Who’s listening, and will the listener get the joke?