Negative Emotions

The next time a person is angry at you or at least is being angry at “whatever” in your vicinity, imagine that a loved one of yours to be standing behind you, and that you are preventing this anger from reaching your loved one.

Have the attitude that this angry person’s “blast of negativity” will be blocked by you before it can touch your loved one. Your attitude here is to be one that is symbolized by a mother who places her child behind her when a threat is perceived.

When you try this, just mentally picture yourself shielding a loved child from the anger. Try this as many times as possible. If you feel uncomfortable about another’s negativity, then that would be a clear sign to try this experiment.

Ask Yourself:

What does my innermost, calm, and wonderful self have in common with my imagined loved one?

What part does my imagination play in my emotional life now? When someone is angry around me, am I finding myself imagining that some sort of negativity is affecting me? Can I put this “me” “behind my skirt” by bringing forth a “shielding effort” with my imagination?

What benefits can I realize from using my imagination during intense interactions with others? Can I find strength to deal with these energies without resorting to a knee jerk pattern of victim-hood?

When I am angry, how often do I “spray innocent bystanders” with my feelings? What can I do to focus my emotions, and at least aim at the proper targets?

What words would I use to describe the parts of me that I would like to shield from these kinds of attacks? How can I recognize those parts of me being active in my personality? How can I support the manifestation of my innocent, tender, inner child?

What would it be like if I always had a shielding, protective shield in front of me like this? What would my life be like if I had NO safety concerns? Would that kind of life be worth a great effort to bring it about?

When I am angry, is there a part of me that is NOT angry? Is there an aspect of my mind that remains aloof or unaffected, non-interactive-but-observant?

When anger has passed through me, is the “real me” already “there” waiting for the “calm me” to take the place of the fading “angry me?”

Am I my emotions, or are they events that happen to/through me?

If I take away all the inner and outer experiences that happen to me, then what’s left? Is that me?