Not paying attention, patterns

Pretend you are washing your face, without soap, as you sit here in front of your computer. Pretend you have your normal cleansing needs such as soap, washcloth, brush-whatever.

Like a mime, pick up the items you need, and proceed to “wash.”

Do a good job of it.

Ask yourself,What do my hands not know how to do NOW that they WOULD know how to do if I had real soap on my face or a real wash cloth in my hands? How badly did I do this without these “aids?”

What is the purpose of automating certain physical tasks? Why is it that “my” attention is not required?

Is there a payoff if I move back towards more conscious participation in such automated activities? Would some things I do get worse? What happens when I try to carefully write my signature?

What is a comfortable and natural relationship? Do I think a friend is someone that must be constantly attended to?

If all my daily life were as automatically done as when I wash my face, would I be happier?