One pointedness, intent, relentlessness, determination, love

Here is an ancient story.

A mother seabird laid her eggs upon the beach. The ocean’s waves came and swept the eggs away. You might imagine how she felt.

The mother seabird asked the ocean to return her eggs. The ocean did not reply. The mother seabird said, “Very well then, I will dry you up.”

Having thus vowed, the mother seabird began her task by taking a beak of sand from the beach and dropping it into the ocean. Can you imagine how great was the task she faced?

She continued her efforts. She kept her vow relentlessly and one-pointedly without any other consideration for herself. You might be able to imagine her alone, in the twilight, doing this with no help whatsoever.

Soon, very soon, others noticed her efforts, and talk spread about her. As you may well imagine, every manner of comment was expressed, but the words of others do not concern us here.

After some time, news of the mother seabird’s efforts reached the king of all the birds. The king was huge, glorious and great beyond measure, as I am sure you have imagined already.

The king said, “I will go and help this mother.” After arriving at the seaside, the king said, “Give back the children to this mother.” You might imagine the depth of the silence in the world right after the king spoke this command to the ocean.

The ocean trembled, for even one small feather of the king could soak it up. Quickly the eggs were returned to the mother. I am sure you know how she felt as her wings once again enfolded them near to her now peaceful heart.

Ask yourself,Have I ever done anything to match this mother’s one-pointedness?

With its powerful waves of experiences, what has life’s ocean swept away from me? What might I do to get it back?

Does something right now mean this much to me? What have I done to find the precious, most lovable, “innocents” of my spirit?

Could I feel this way about ANY desire I had? Could I ever be THAT certain about how my future “should be?”

How does diligence, earnestness, and one-pointedness fit into my present lifestyle? Would my environment support me if I began to “get serious” about personal growth, conscious evolution, and spiritual integrity? What would it cost me to raise my dedication to inner work up another notch? How about ten notches?

What if I raised it up 100 notches? What king within me would respond to this intent?

What would happen if I absolutely meant something when I said it? How would I know it was absolute? Is there an absolute aspect of existence to which I could compare it?

Why am I so sure that the words “eternal”, “absolute”, “infinite”, “certain”, and “God” have meaning? What part of me knows this? Is this?

How do I enfold my soul with the wings of my heart?