Owning everything, authoring the universe

The next time something “bad” happens to you that is completely not your fault, despite your innocence, pretend that you have to find some way to convince a fair minded person that what happened WAS actually and entirely YOUR fault.

Have an imagined conversation and offer whatever proof you can “come up with.” Try to see yourself as an utterly necessary aspect of the experience and that it could not have happened if you had not explicitly and implicitly participated in the event in ways that were “causal” in nature.

Ask yourself,

Is it possible that everything that happens is my doing? Why don’t I know it?

How did my last thought happen without my active “permission?”

What part do I play in my interpretations of my experiences? What’s the difference between interpretation and “actual facts” and assumptions?

Is there such a thing as an accident?

What part of me rejoices that it has been victimized?

If I were to ever be absolutely certain about the “fault of the matter” would I have to be a mind reader?

Can I prove that I can read my own mind? When I have any thought, where in my experience-at what “level,”-do I experience the meaning of the thought as opposed to experience the “words” with which the thought is composed? Why don’t I experience meaning as separate from the events of my life? Should I? Can I? Will I?

If I take responsibility for everything that happens in my life, how would I explain the infinite vastness all around me? Where is the dividing line between what I control and “all the rest?”

What parts of my nightly dreams am I NOT responsible for?

Is “all this” inside my head-like a dream?