Pleasure, extinction, experimentation

When listening to your favorite new song being sung, determine the following things in this order:

Which parts of this song are my favorites?

What is my most favorite of these favorites?

What is my very most favorite part of this most favored part?

At what exact point on this song do I hit my most intense emotional peak of pleasure?

Listen to this part over and over again-repeatedly stopping the song and then “backing up” to hear only that “best part” until you are no longer enjoying it very much. Now listen to the whole song for the very first time after having “deadened” your emotional response to that “best” part.

Ask yourself,Why do I resist wanting to do this process? When, by the passage of time alone, this process would happen anyway, why is the mind’s attachment to this musical pleasure so deep that I would give up the satisfaction of experimenting with my emotions and intellectually discovering more about my psychological mechanisms?

Just how much of a sacrifice am I willing to make to understand my mind better? How much inner resistance am I willing to overcome?

Does this happen with other pleasures of life? Do all things ultimately fail to excite?

Is there ANY aspect of life that always “delivers?”

If I were to fall out a window on the tenth floor of a building, in the very first moment when I would know I was almost certain to die, what would I precisely want to protect? Certainly my last intent would not be to listen to this song one more time, so what would my intent actually be? What is the pure nature of this life I would cling to so desperately in that moment?

What one word best describes the meaning of the phrase “pure nature of this life?”