Projection, assumption, patterns

With your eyes closed, quickly draw at random a few, curvy, scribbled lines on a piece of blank paper.

Now open your eyes and steadfastly look at it, like you might look at a cloud, to see if you can find an image or partial image somewhere on the paper.

The whole set of lines does not have to be used-just a portion of it might “pop” and look like something.

After you’ve found one or more “things” on the paper, ask the below questions.

Ask yourself,What is it about my mind that it likes to think these few lines represent a real world object?

Why does this illusion immediately “stick” so well that I can quickly see this object again after turning my eyes away from it?

Why is it that others will see different images in these lines?

How has this mental ability to see patterns helped me in life, and how does it entrap me? What, in my daily life, am I “seeing” that simply is not there? How often is a coiled rope in a shadowy corner seen as a snake?

Was this pattern-discovery process a mental process that I can properly call a creative act?

How are real life social situations like this? Do I seek patterns that are not really there except that something inside me is “looking for it”?

What part of my everyday reactions to life are solely my creativity “at work” forming patterns only I can see?

When am I more likely to project meaning like this-during calmness or during a strong emotion?

If I were perfectly calm, would I see any “thing” existing at all? Are all perceptions merely my interpretations of “brain buzzings” due to a need to “make sense where there is only scribblings?”

How can I control my power to project? How can I use it for my well being?

Can I literally and largely change “my” world?