Psychological drugs, karma, fate, surrender, God, creation

The next time you do not get something that you wanted-something that you expected to get-note your various stages of emotional reaction to it. Look upon the whole experience as if someone has injected you with a drug whose major effect is the production of an emotion called “disappointment.” Look at this drug experience as if it were equal to any other chemical reaction. Watch the onset, the main part and the gradual dissolution of the event as the “chemical wears off.”

When the larger part of the reaction has “settled down”, consider the questions below.

Ask yourself,Am I just a mess of psychochemicals that interact?

If the universe were declared by God to be perfect, how does this part of it make sense? What would I have to believe to see myself as perfect, but yet having disappointments?

What can I learn from this apparent lack?

Is there an opportunity here-a piece of good luck that only wants my clear noting of it to allow it to fully blossom?

Was this denial necessary for my psychological growth? What can I do to grow by anticipating my evolutionary needs, meeting them, and thus avoid the disappointments? Can I possibly imagine all that I need to accomplish, or is this already a “pretty good system?” Am I, in fact, already “enrolled” in a personality enhancement program?

Can I view my life like this, and see myself as beyond all this, a witness to this?

Given that my emotions and thoughts change constantly virtually unchecked by “me,” and given that my history proves that my future is completely unpredictable, to what do I cling to as properly being called “me?”

How does waking up in the morning compare to getting angry or some other mood? Is waking consciousness merely a state in which certain chemical reactions prevail?

Am I always in a “rush?” What would it feel like to not be a cauldron of activity?