Refusing an emotion, mind, negativity

The next time you get angry, immediately find that part of you that is assigning blame.

Stop the blaming for at least ten seconds. Just ten seconds.

For just a tiny amount of time, refuse to entertain any thoughts about what or who is responsible for this anger. Just don’t do it.

Accept the feelings, but any words that come into mind about the cause of the feelings, just pay attention to something else. Handle yourself. Force yourself. Control yourself.

Just do it. Prove it can be done at least once.

Ask yourself,Can I prevent being manipulated by my environment for just a few seconds?

How much control do I have, and how much can I reduce the severity of a negative emotion’s production of negative thoughts?

What is the difference between being a victim and indulging in self-pity?

What part do I play in creating anger?

What use is having this negative emotion to me? In what ways do I encourage it?

What is the inner nature of the experiencer of the emotion? Am I really angry too, or am I merely seeing the anger without being angry? Am I my emotions, or do I experience them only?

If, from now on, I simply and always refused and just “walk away” from negative thoughts during emotional “bouts,” how much time and aggravation would that save me from wasting and experiencing?

If my nervous system were viewed as a faithful, fantastic, but also foolish servant who was constantly bringing experiences to me, what lesson would I be teaching this servant if I absolutely dived into everything that was set before me?

Just how much have I let this servant get away with?

Where can one find good help these days?