Sainthood, step by step

Today, do something positive, no matter how small, that you probably would not normally do, and, in fact, do not really want to do, but  know that you should do.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Straighten out a tablecloth, empty the trash, dust a shelf, or do anything that is small and easy to do.

Do this as much as you can stand, and gradually watch yourself becoming bolder and doing bigger things.

See if you can get a momentum going.

Ask Yourself:

How far can this go? How far is it from “here” to “sainthood?”

What would I become if I did all the things I should do as effortlessly as I just now straightened this tablecloth?

What is the difference between habitually doing something correctly and consciously making the decision anew to do something correctly? Which feels more alive and empowered?

What is the difference between a trained monkey doing a job correctly and a person consciously attempting and FAILING to do the same task correctly? Do I want a large part of my actions to be “monkey perfect?”

Given the artificiality of this exercise, would proper motivation support more rapid change in my actions? What would that motivation be?

Why haven’t I done “all this” already? Will I?