Self, soul, awareness, thoughts

After reading this, close your eyes and sit still for five minutes and notice how much more private life suddenly becomes.

Then, pay attention to your thoughts and indirectly note that your ears also close to the sounds in the room to some degree as your attention goes to inner experiences.

Then as you sit still, note how the part of you that feels bodily posture closes down its perceiving.

Finally, take a deep breath and let the air out of your lungs and stop breathing.

Now, in this state of mind and body….

Ask yourself,Who is speaking these words?

Whose voice is this I hear inside my head?

How are these words I am thinking being formed and by whom?

What would my mental voice sound like if I were to hear it on the radio?

What is the difference between putting my attention on my inner voice and putting my attention on my emotions? Which of these inner processes is the “real” me?

When I talk to myself, who is listening and who is talking? Which one of these am I during normal life activities?