The past, self love, judgments, wisdom

Look into your own eyes in the mirror, and say these words:

“I love you entirely and completely. Everything I have ever been or done has brought me to this moment.

My virtues have been expressed, and I have been able to see how that has affected my life and personality. AND, my faults have manifested lessons that have been presented to me for my consideration, and that too has resulted, to whatever degree, in the accumulation of wisdom.

For better or worse, I am a product of ALL that has ever happened to me, and I accept myself at this point in time completely.”

Note how you feel during this exercise. Repeat until you get bored. Then repeat again the next day.

Ask yourself,How do I actually feel when I do this exercise? Why? Would I like to have a different feeling?

When I say “I love you.” to myself, how is this love different from the love I have for others in my life?

What is the long-term payoff to repeating this exercise daily?

What is the impact of accepting and recognizing my weaknesses?

What is my emotional reaction when I consider my weaknesses?

Which represents the greater source of “profit” in my life: my virtues being expressed in my thoughts and actions or the growth I have achieved by “blundering” and subsequently being affected by the reactions of those around me?

If I were able to come back in time as an eighty year old person and speak to the person I am now, what would I say about my progress in life so far? How much love would I express to myself?

What feelings would have right now if I could hold myself in my arms at the various times of my life? What would I say to the person I was as a child, pre-teen, teen, young adult, early adult, etc.? How forgiving of my mistakes would I be?

Can I allow myself to feel this way only a short time after a “blunder?” How about instantly?

Can I ever hope to do this for myself if I am unwilling to do this for others?