The power of positive thinking, resistance

Practice supporting the lives of those around you. Put your attention on supporting their potential to do good to manifest strongly in their lives.

Do this by mentally imagining how they WOULD BE FEELING if they improved their actions, thoughts, personality, etc. along the lines that you might hope for them.

Imagine the exact feelings. Get as precise as you can. Go back into your own life, find those same feelings-however faint they might be-and, if you have to, magnify them to get a solid grasp of what it would be like for others to wildly succeed at being, well, genius saints!

Do this.

Do this all day long, day after day, year after year. Never stop doing this.

Do this. You must!

Do this until your thoughts automatically and without effort are focused on positive support for the lives of others-even your dream thoughts!

Do this!

Start now!

It’s the right thing to do, and you know it!

Drop everything else. Just do this!

Why are you sitting there wasting time? Stop reading and get to it!


This is it. There’s nothing more to be said. Get at it. Every second is precious!

What is the deal here? Why aren’t you practicing? This is it-there’s no more exercise instructions.

I give up. That’s it for me.

You win.

Ask yourself,How do I react to strong, bold commands to be better-even when they come from as deep and as wise and as loving and as well intentioned a source as Edg Duveyoung? Do I, like, just want to hit him or what? What part of me resists external pressures no matter how much I agree with the intent of the persuasion?

Just what is it about inner-directedness that so easily wins over the same directions coming from someone else? How can I harness this concept to bring out my own goodness?

Taking the first part of this exercise seriously and ignoring the fatuously fanatical exhortations, what part does empathy, compassion, and emotional support play in my life?

If I were perfectly wise, how much more of this would I do in my ordinary life?

What is the immediate payoff to practicing the use of these emotions?

Considering the feelings (not the causes of the feelings) is it possible for me to wish for others what I do not wish for myself?

If a genie appeared and told me, “Go ahead, wish for anyone-other than yourself-to become a genius saint, and it will be instantly so” how would I feel about that? If I were a genius-saint, THEN how would I feel about it?