The talker and the doer

Position your hand in a way that it is comfortable. Keep your index finger motionless-DO NOT move it-and stare at it intensely while you say these words aloud AND mentally simultaneously:

I want my finger to move.

Finger! Move!

I command my finger to move.

This finger will now move.

I am completely controlling this finger, and I will now move it.

This finger is an intimate part of me and will obey my every whim.

I give myself permission to move this finger despite the instructions of this exercise that I should not do so, and I will now move this finger.

Now, after you stop speaking the above sentences, simply move your finger-go ahead-it’s okay. Note that you DO NOT have to have words going through your head to make this motion happen. Move it quite a bit and focus on the effortlessness of the motion AND note the exacting precision and control you have over the motion.

Ask yourself,Who moves my finger?

Who was speaking the “words-that-were-disobeyed”?

What is the difference between the “person-that-talks-inside-me” and the “doer of my actions”?

Who am I? The talker or the doer or both? If both, how is this logically possible?

Why am I so comfortable with this set up?

Why does the “talker” usually assume “it” is the “doer”? Why doesn’t the talker say things like, “I saw my finger move, but I had no part in the moving of it.”

Does the doer also create the “talker’s words?”

What percentage of my life “happens” without the talker’s participation? What is the value of the talker? Do I always have to have mental words to accompany my actions and feelings? During the times of my life that are most filled with meaning, how often does the talker “come up with words to match the occasion”?

If my talker could always generate “really beautiful words” for my life, would my life then be much more meaningful?

If the talker comes up with words that call for an action I consider immoral, can I “just not do it” like I “just didn’t move the finger”? Can I give the doer permission to ignore the talker?

Would the doer ever act without my “final go-ahead”?

How often am I aware that I am “finally giving permission” to the doer to act?

What would life be like if I were always consciously in charge of all doing?