Truth, falsity, and self

Two plus two is fourteen. Awareness being independent of perception is the ultimate truth. An ant can pick up an elephant. Laughter is uplifting. Dirt and water makes good soup. Sunshine often brightens a person’s outlook. Thinking evil thoughts for hours each day is a good hobby. Prayer is silence singing. Water is the ultimate poison. Expansion of happiness is the agenda of life. All television shows are good for young children to watch. Flying in your dreams is good practice. All printers should only have white ink. Rest, balanced diet, lots of water, exercise, earnestness, and gratitude will fix any broken life. Mickey Mouse is the antichrist. God loves. Only bugs know the secret of life. There is a period at the end of this sentence. The world record for speed typing is three words per minute with zero mistakes. The ground state of pure existence is the basis of the witnessing of the awareness of universal consciousness as it plays with qualities that are experienced individually in time and space.

Ask yourself,When I read the above paragraph, did I even once have a doubt about my own existence? Am I beyond the true and the false?

What is truth for me? What is absolutely true? Am I undeniably, absolutely true?

How smart and educated would I have to be to know I was experiencing a thought?

Am I always alive?

If I only thought truthful thoughts for all my waking hours for decades, would that change the witness of my life? Am I immutable?

Is there any thought I could possibly think that would change, harm, or even kill the witness of my life? Am I immortal?

If I INSTANTLY were transported a zillion light years away or was sent back into time a million years, is there a danger I could lose my witness? How do I always know where I am at? Am I omnipresent?

When I wake up from a deep, dreamless, sleep, why am I so sure it was deep and dreamless? Was my witness there when the experience of deep, dreamless, sleeping occurred? If I suddenly lapsed into that exact state for a few seconds and “snapped back” equally suddenly, how would I describe my having had an experience of such thoughtlessness? Would I doubt that I had had it? Am I omniscient? Am I so sensitive that I can even know the experience of nothing?

How fast do I have to be to turn around quickly enough to see the image of the back of my head in a mirror? How can I meet my soul for a few seconds? How would I describe that experience after snapping back from the meeting?

How would I describe the experience between my next two thoughts? How would I express that experience?

How would I think about it?