Wealth, personality, inner value

Take at least 30 seconds to practice each of the following “steps” in this exercise. Pretend that you have just won ten million dollars, after taxes, in the lottery-imagine your initial emotions, words, and behaviors. Really get into this with your imagination. Think about that exact moment when you find out you’ve won. Imagine your feelings at that time.

Now pretend that an hour has passed and again, imagine your emotions, actions and words.

Now pretend that you receive the money in cash a week later. Imagine yourself then. What emotions would be felt as you put the money in the bank or spent some of it immediately?

Now pretend that a year has passed and you have purchased a great many items and provided support to all your loved ones. Imagine now how you would feel after a whole year to get used to your new “status.” Imagine how would you feel when you put your attention on the fact that you had millions of dollars.

Now pretend that many years have passed and that you have grown quite used to wealth and all that you can do with it. See that it is integrated with your personality fully. You’ve made all your major purchases, you’ve got your money “placed” for investment purposes, you get a steady income from it all, and you’re living “normal” life. Now, how do you feel when you consider the fact that you have so much money?

Now pretend that money means nothing to you, and your heart is only concerned with the quiet moments between the activities of your fabulous life. Pretend that you now look back to your poorer days and consider the amount of quiet time you are experiencing right now compared to back then. Think about the exact feelings you might have during the quiet times now and the quiet times during your poorer days.

Ask yourself,What can I enjoy right now in my life that is rare in other lifestyles?

How can I develop a habit of appreciation of “what is” as opposed to the habit of being more conscious of what “could be”?

What parts of “me” would not change over the years no matter how much wealth I obtain? Why are these parts “unchangeable”?

How do my values in life evolve? What can I do to guide this process? How would I know what to cling to and what to “work on?”

How do I change my feelings about myself as I imagine myself with more money? Is there a “core person” that I recognize within that deserves a certain value irrespective of my possessions, my accomplishments, or my status in the eyes of others? How often am I aware of this aspect of my life?

Do I have anyone else in life that can see this core person that I truly am?