Where have you been

Time to take stock and see what profits, if any, have come from it your participating with the previous Consciousness Exercises. Thus far you’ve experimented with a lot of aspects of life that all people share. It will serve now to lightly review your progress.

FIRST: Take the time to read the following listing of topics we’ve covered:

Perceptual processes, memory, sensations, psychological patterns, morals, values, spiritual beliefs, religious beliefs, philosophical axioms, theoretical alternate states of consciousness, “higher” consciousness, the consciousness of others, emotions, dreams, dream consciousness, deep sleep consciousness, ego, individual identity, perfection, psychological healing, aphorisms, being, witnessing, imagination, creativity, spontaneity, personal power, mental techniques, destiny, the future, NOW, death, absolutism, love, humor, energy, false assumptions, practical jokes, immortality, silence, mirrors, fulfillment, relationships, fictional and cultural beliefs, beauty, desire, gratitude, temptation, forgiveness, relativity, chance, meaning, super beings, sociological impact, survival, voices inside your head, blaming, being jaded, animal consciousness, garbage, how to make faces, and the ultimate truth.

SECOND: After reading the above, consider that the Consciousness Exercises have taught skills that improve, in diverse ways, all the various operations of human consciousness. Once mastered, many of these skills are dramatically empowering.

THIRD: Consider the scope of your life now-the huge range, the vast expanse of all you find within your intellectual, emotional and “spiritual” reach.

FOURTH: Add to your thinking that over a million persons have read at least a few of the exercises, and only a few hundred, like yourself, actually purchased them. Think about how rare that makes you. Think about whether that’s a good or bad rarity.

FIFTH: Think about all the above for a few minutes. Get a good feel for the ground that’s been covered, and come to at least a few conclusions about the nature of the Consciousness Exercises that are yet to come.

Ask yourself,Am I rare? What does your common, typical, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, rare person do about being rare?

Have I gotten my money’s worth yet?

How seriously have I taken this program?

Have I found at least a few “nuggets” in my panning? Do I DAILY practice some of the techniques? Do I review previous exercises? Why?

Have I passed them on to friends?

Have I found “inner hungers” intensifying or being recognized?

Do I feel I know “this Edg character” pretty well now? Do I have his “number?” Can I see his agenda and where he “wants me to end up?”

Have I been brain washing myself? Have I joined a cult with one member?

Do I have active challenges that I am fairly certain could be addressed wholly or partially by the techniques, but I just haven’t done so? Why not?

Based on my experiments, have I changed my definitions for “ego, consciousness, personality, and self?” Have I changed my values?

Do I believe that I am something amazingly grand? Cosmic even?

Do I believe? Do I?

Am I going to make it all the way?

Who would notice?