Wisdom, life experiences, maturation, evolution, growth

Pretend that you are the main character in a novel. Think about the kind of life “this person” has lived-your exact life told in a book.

Consider how the elements, events, sub-stories, plot, etc. that make up this novel-this person’s life-fit together and “make sense” from the point of view of an author who is writing this story.

From birth to now, consider how someone, as a reader, would feel about the “drama” of the book at this point.

Remember that the reader has had detailed, intimate views of all your emotions, motivations, philosophy, spirituality, unseen actions, etc.

Dwell on this for at least five minutes.

Ask yourself,If I were the author of my life, and I wanted to end this book with this character becoming absolutely happy and wise, what is the next step that I would write for this character that would not have my readers thinking I was untrue to the story so far?

How do I see to it that the next step is written that way?

What would be the absolute happiest state that I can get this character to achieve?

What could I accomplish if I had all the courage necessary to make big changes “over night”?

How good a “read” has this book been so far? Has this character been entertaining? Engrossing? Fascinating? Poignant? Compelling?

When I consider all the chance and coincidence in my life, the ways I’ve met people, the strong emotions coming “out of nowhere,” the spontaneous decisions, the surprising actions of others, etc., how is it that I still consider myself the author of my life? What is the core of this conviction of mine?

Considering all the books and movies I have experienced, how I am not shocked by all these characters who “sin”-by my definition of the word? How I can view lives vastly disparate from mine with a cool detachment? How is it that I get so involved in my own life? If I could actually feel the emotions and physical pain of the characters of the books and movies I experience, would I ever read or view again?

Is there any way that I can experience my life with at least “some” of the cool detachment I allow for other types of experiences?

Have I ever laughed aloud when I make a mistake, hurt myself physically, or gotten “badly” surprised? Can I, at least, surrender to the events of my life that have become “firmly” the past as if they were pages turned?

Do I always get at least some particle of wisdom, some maturation, and some growth of a sort from every single experience I have ever had?

Is it conceivable that my special viewpoint could have come to me in any other way? Was all that I have experienced absolutely necessary?