Worst psychological trait

Imagine a button which if pushed would immediately rid you of a negative psychological pattern-instantly.

You get to choose which habit, drive, need, obsession, immorality, weakness, fear, or attachment would be removed by pushing the button.

You get only one push of the button-one negativity removed. After that, no more pushes. So think carefully, and make a choice.

Ask yourself,Is my choice the “worst” part of me?

Would I have the courage to push the button? Really?

What would happen in my life if I suddenly quantum-leaped forward towards greater psychological health? What effects would it have on my friends? My career? My happiness? Are any of these predictions “holding me back” from making big changes in my life?

What are the chances that one or more of my remaining patterns would intensify or increase to fill the “void” left by the removal? Would I end up with the same amount of “personal negativity” as before?

Why do I feel wise enough to make this choice when I was unwise enough to fall into the undesirable pattern?

Why does this exercise’s basic premise seem so alluring? What is it about instant transformation that seems so possible? Do I have a core belief in my personal power to change myself?

What prevents me from changing myself when my intellect is so certain it would be a good change? What would life be like if my intellect was always in harmony with my heart? Would I always be doing good things from that point on?