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What Have I Chosen?


Read the exercise below. Focus seriously, be scientific, conduct the experiment, and ask yourself the follow-up questions. Discover your subtle inner workings and, with a new self trust, find a refreshing inner authority entering your life that is based on subtler knowledge of your personal psychology.

What to do:

Here are two realities–two different lives–and you must choose one of them to be your own. Try to decide which life you would rather be living. While you are reading the descriptions of them, try to imagine what “the catch” is, but also “get into it” and really put yourself into each choice. Try it “on for size.”

Choice one: In this life, you are the absolute ruler of the whole world. You are a young, wise, sexy, 144 IQed, PhDed, devout and charismatic leader with the body of a gymnast. Sycophantastic billions of followers bow at your feet. Love emanates from you at a rate of 295,108 gigglerads per heartbeat. All of your people are happy in their lifestyles. The ghastly tragedies of today’s world are non-existent in yours–no cellulite, dust mites, ear hair, or infomercials (okay, no war, famine, pollution, crime, disease, or accidents either.) In this life, simply breathing is like eating dessert. And, with your ken expanded by cosmic psychic powers, all you survey is, well, just swell!

Imagine yourself “waking up” in this world. Here is a glance at just one scene in this life: the first rays of a morning’s splendor slant across a veranda as you enjoy breakfast that glows with spiritual energy. Like a DaVinci fresco, life is tableaued before you. A spouse’s adoring glances bathe you. Your singing children play in a nearby garden. Butterflies arrange themselves in bouquets on the shrubbery. This precious moment will be one of millions yet to come in a glorious life filled with growth, happiness, and fulfillment. Even at its end, God will come and personally escort you to Heaven.

That’s choice one. Not bad, eh? Tough act to follow! What could compete with such an offering?

Here is your second choice: You get the exact life in which you live now. You know–the one where even household appliances routinely disobey you, where relationships only last until someone makes a bad suggestion for a video rental, and where you’re expected to perform like an organ grinder’s monkey for your next buck. Yeah, that one!

Have you chosen?

The “catch”. In order to live choice number one you will have to be put into a permanent dream-state. The dreams that you have will be of that above described wondrous world of choice number one. At any given moment, if you were to be awakened, you would report a marvelous personal history. But, you will never be awakened. Why should you be? Do you want to argue with your toaster about bread ejection efficacy? Pihhhh! And don’t worry, your body will be cared for 24 hours a day by a trained staff–until you die.

Now that you’ve had the above mental experiences, ask yourself:

Have I already made this choice? Many times? Have I ever awakened from a wonderful dream and somewhat reluctantly entered the “real world?”



Have I ever had a dream that I would re-enter forever? What is it about “real life” that competes so easily with dream worlds which have their wonderfully intense emotions and activities? What can I do to be more aware of this value I place upon my “real life?”

How is my childhood now like a dream I have had? Would I re-enter and relive my childhood?

What pleasures of life have now passed “forever” and are now something “outgrown?” My childhood toys? My youthful desires? My adult plans? Which of these are now like dreams I have had but do not need to re-run? What parts of my life right now are transitioning into “old news” that no longer is alluring?

How do I spot the future towards which my present life is pointing? What can I do to make the transitions easier?

How does ordinary life normally “process” my “desire sets?” What is it about the passage of time that transmutes and/or extinguishes desires?

After I die will any part of my life escape this “dreamification” process? What will I look back on that I will want to re-enter? Will I be “finished with desires” when I die?

How do I know the “evolutionary” value of “getting rid of a desire?” What do I gain from doing so?

How do I embrace “me now” when I know it will one day be “that old me?”

How am I always like a child?

How is my future wrought from my innocence?

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