Free IQTuneUp #2

How Do I Mean?


Read the exercise below. Focus seriously, be scientific, conduct the experiment, and ask yourself the follow-up questions. Discover your subtle inner workings and, with a new self trust, find a refreshing inner authority entering your life that is based on subtler knowledge of your personal psychology.

What to do:

Look at the designs below. Assign “names” to these designs by selecting one of the following words: “Indians” “piggynose” “shy-kitty” “woman” “sleeper” and “bathroom”

1.) (*_*) 2.) AAA
3.) (OO) 4.) |OOOOOO|
5.) ^–^ 6.) |–_–|

Now that you’ve had the above mental experiences, ask yourself:

Why is this easy to do?

Why does an Indian village with its ponies, tents, campfires, etc. so comfortably fit into three letter A’s? Why am I so satisfied with this symbolism? Am I too loose? Do I toss off meaning too nonchalantly? Do I shoot meaning from the hip?

How do I take almost nothing and so thoroughly assign it meaning?

How certain am I that life contains meaningful events that are not, like this exercise, given meaning by a projection of inner values upon almost barren symbols? Why do certain human actions seem to be actually meaning something instead of being a “nice bucket” into which I can pour the meaning I choose?

Are there inputs that have absolute meaning across cultures? Across centuries? Across species?

What percentage of the time do I recognize my participation in meaning in my life? How often do I recognize my freedom to select a meaning for an input from a list instead of “being a victim” who must assign one and only one meaning to an event?

If I could always be conscious of my freedom to choose, how would I handle an event that “makes me” unhappy? Would I be responsible for my feelings? Where do I draw the line? How often do I use “mono-meaning” as an excuse to interpret events–negatively or positively? When I sum up my life, how free am I to choose its meaning?


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