Free IQTuneUp #3

Singing My Self


Read the exercise below. Focus seriously, be scientific, conduct the experiment, and ask yourself the follow-up questions. Discover your subtle inner workings and, with a new self trust, find a refreshing inner authority entering your life that is based on subtler knowledge of your personal psychology.

What to do:

Close your eyes and mentally speak approximately the first ten words to a popular song you’ve heard sung many times. Your country’s national anthem will do; select a song to which you know the words and music and have personally sung aloud many times.

Next, mentally SING the words. Next, begin to mentally sing the words, but after about the third word or so, imagine that you hear the words being sung by a popular, well known, singer.

Do this again and again, switching from hearing yourself singing and then hearing the popular singer’s voice “entering” and “taking over” the singing. Next, start the words, let a singer enter, and then switch to yet another singer’s voice. If images come with this, that’s okay. Play with all the above instructions for about five minutes or long enough to convince yourself that this is something you can easily do.

While you are playing “mental karaoke,” note the extremely subtle nature of the differences in your mental experiences that you might describe as “a different sounding voice in my head.” Note also how your slightest intent instantly switches from one voice to another. And note that the other singers’ talents are fully there–not just your singing skills. Note also that you are a better singer this way–much better.

Have fun with this. It’s better than singing in the shower.

Now that you’ve had the above mental experiences, ask yourself:

Why am I so certain that I “hear” my thoughts? Could I smell a thought? Taste, touch, see? If I could “see” my thoughts, what would that be like as they first appeared?

Who listens to my thoughts?

Is this how subtle I am when I perform actions in ordinary life?


Is this “switching aspect of my experiences” the level of thinking where all “doing” occurs?

Can I be at this level when I put my attention on an EMOTION that “I hear being sung inside me?” Can I imagine another “person” entering my experience of an emotion and “taking it over” and “singing it” with their “emotional talents?”

If I want to take an emotion and “make it better” or “strengthen it” or “more deeply appreciate it,” can I just intend that it is so? Can I just intend to subtly shift my “plain old emotions” into “world class opera singer emotions?”

When I look around and scan this almost infinite, precious, exquisite, existence, how do I feel? How do I want to feel? Should I feel that way? Should I now feel the best feeling any being ever has felt?

If I switched to another singer inside my head PERMANENTLY, who would be the best to sing the song of my heart? Elvis? Madonna? Jay-Z? Pink Floyd? Shania Twain? Will Smith? Pavarotti? God?

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