Billions of desires constantly seem to flow through us.

Using memory, the character seems to be “there” somehow-just as we know a rock, though unseen, to be underneath a churning part of a stream. Even though the churning water constantly differs in its frothing formations, we know something about the rock’s size and general shape by the size of the area of churning and shape of the hump of the water.

Just so, do we find ourselves (our personalities, our characters) to be hidden rocky paradigms beneath a surface of roiling desires. How those desires appear to us is determined by the shape of our “inner rock.”

The ego “loves” to “jump in” and “say”:

“There, that’s me-just beneath all this frothing in my mindstream. See how I am steady and unchanging, and see how much I determine the nature of frothing? This proves that I won’t die, because I am beyond the ever changing nature of the froth.”

This is the ego’s “trump card”-an intellectual conclusion that there are slight similarities across ever changing patterns of desires. And this is the closest the ego can ever get to being enlightened-that is, an utter failure to do so while remaining confident in its assertion of being the sentient entity that receives all our experiences.

The ego does recognize the challenge to its doership represented by the completely unpredictable nature of the froth from one moment to the next. It admits to this unpredictability, but asserts that because it can seem to change the frothing-even a little bit, it can claim that it has the power to thus change all “its” frothing. Denial sets in when we say: “I could change it all IF I WANTED TO do so,” but seldom do we own the kinds of personalities that are willing to use the psychological and spiritual tools necessary to change the rock very much.

Typically we do not comprehend how large a project “self improvement” is. The amount of work that must be done to effect general changes in our personalities is huge. The ego, of course, can be found discounting and pooh-poohing this great task by supporting the unsubstantiated belief that we CAN EASILY consistently WANT change of any particular kind. The ego pretends that even a little of this “wanting to change myself” effort moves mountains-even when we are so constantly inundated otherwise with so many other types of “wantings” which compete for our attention. Walter is content to make only a slight gesture of improving his diet. Just so, most of us. When we look at our past attempts to consistently focus our minds and produce certain thought patterns, to consistently intend, to consistently put our attention on a particular issue, we find that such “projects” are challenged by all our other divisive and distracting willings, intendings and attendings-to say nothing of the call of pizza, chips, ice cream, cola, fries, doughnuts, cake, pie, lasagna, chocolates, cookies, eclairs, tarts and fresh strawberry short cake!

Like Walter, we can easily succumb to rationalizing even feeble efforts as having almost magical efficaciousness. Walter thinks, “One leaf balances all the other negative nutritional influences,” and so too can we find ourselves believing something like “An affirmation per day keeps me moving on my way” or some other such whistling past the graveyard.

Self improvement and the eventual realization of your true self, the witness, is so overwhelming a task, that we take various stances which support NEVER starting this huge task. Such as: “I love my froth.” or “I just change the parts of the froth that I need to.” or “Be with the Froth, Luke. Go with the Froth.” or “By just changing this one part to the froth, I am protected from any harm of the other froth.” or “I am working on the rock and the froth will take care of itself.” or “I froth therefore I am..” or “I froth daily to the Lord of Froth who will Froth me-pretty soon I hope.” or “I am that which is beyond frothing and could care less about it.”

These momentary “attitude proclamations” are but SINGLE THOUGHTS in a global-psychologically and physically-maelstrom of thinking/experiencing (frothing.) These single thoughts are in fact themselves mere froth too. We intuitively know the challenge that faces us but can find ourselves in denial rather than intending to honestly face how much work is to be done to change the personality-rock beneath our mindstream’s frothings. When faced with this challenge we can find ourselves using whistling (one leaf solves all) in the hopes that this will to show such bravado that the wraiths of psychological problems (ghosts in the graveyard) will not pounce on us-because, we reason, they are somehow temporarily wracked with consternation at our nonplussed verve in the face of such might!

The truth is that we can change our froth completely if we are willing to do a lot of work. Yes, the rock can be affected directly with spiritual techniques-especially super-powerful techniques like “getting a good night’s sleep,” but, the common fact is that the roiling froth continues to not “meet with our approvals.” Our desires, our patterns, “fight against” themselves in an ongoing inner battle of conflicting values.

What to do?

“Placing the attention” is the character’s incredibly powerful tool. We can attend to anything (thing, not the witness.) This is the power of the character. Whenever Universal Consciousness creates the illusion that a personality is changing itself in a deep manner, it almost always involves the character’s attending processes.

By persistently attending, we are practicing being “in cahoots” with Universal Consciousness as much as a character can pretend this. Whenever the character puts its attention on an issue, it is found that the issue develops, evolves, changes, grows, magnifies, etc. This power of the character allows it to “spray attention”-like using a garden hose upon specific plants-on the issues it wants to nourish (resolve.) Gradually, by doing this, the character “realizes” the power of attention to transform, improve and create choices for the character.

Curiously, the more the character does this “watering,” that is, the more the character attends on purpose, then the more it develops a pattern of thinking that is described as an “understanding my life (my froth.)” This “understanding” is actually a CHANGE IN THE ROCK’S SHAPE. When we put our attention on our patterns-even the rock’s patterns-they change, grow, move, improve, etc.

Therefore, attend to your patterns. This is how the character aligns itself with Universal Consciousness and simultaneously changes the deepest nature (rocks) of its own patterns. The extra bonus payoff is that the character feels empowered-especially after a lot of success and change has been seen, and even the ego is satisfied with this.

By attending consistently and by practicing the focusing of attending onto the character’s patterns, then gradually, from the character’s point of view, the attending process becomes an all time reality-because it is being “used” unwaveringly across all patterns, all frothing, all rocking. This is a symbolic unity of the character with the omnipresent nature of Universal Consciousness. This is the only way that the character can symbolize the reflecting of the witness. This is the character seeming to be a direct representative of Universal Consciousness. This is the character becoming “peaceful” as it gradually realizes the all powerful nature of the attention to affect change and to always be there. This empowerment reduces the inner dissonance.

Along with peace, clarity comes, and with clarity comes even more peace of mind, and, finally, with enough quiescence in your nervous system comes the ability to more easily attend to the sense of presence within, and from there you find that a leaping “out of the character” happens and your only and always and true status as the witness is realized.

Ask yourself,

Am I up to this? Isn’t just thinking about this stuff enough? Do I have to spend thousands of hours of work on my issues, my morals, my intent, my EVERYTHING to reach peace of mind?

Am I honest enough to do this?

Should I do this? Why not just lead a life of inner dissonance? After all, once I die, I’ll be, once again, purely the witness, so why even bother trying to get my character aligned with some zeitgeist of esoteric assertions? Is it worth diving into this understanding as deeply as these Consciousness Exercises can take me?

How would it feel to find perfect peace and unity with the most basic axioms of consciousness?

Is that a nice way to die?


Today we consider the darkside.

We know our own stories. So much positivity, so much good, so much intent, so much progress, and yet all along we nurture, we cradle, we cherish our dear little foibles, our darling little tips of icebergs…..our blind spots.

There in our lives we find: junk food, wayward thoughts that are “beneath us,” a small vice, a secret desire to be a bit darker, a nonchalance about some faint indices of evil within.

And then there’s Walter’s ignorance of his addictive indulgence!

The utter truth is that in a cartoon universe, anything goes, anything’s permissible, anything’s viewable, anything’s a reflection of perfection. Indulgence is, indeed, the very essence of the game of consciousness. Everything is merely reflective, illusory, dreamlike. When you wake up from a dream in which some other dream character was harming “your” dream character, what is your response? Do you call the authorities?

No, you IMMEDIATELY and TOTALLY understand that everything in the dream just doesn’t matter anymore-even if the emotions of the dream are still racing through you. Just so, can you view your own “real” life. Just so, can you be beyond ALL THIS’s qualities as they impact your nervous system. You just have to wake up and yet keep this waking-dream going. Waking up means: developing a deep understanding of your true status and your dream status.

After a night of dreaming, no matter what the content of your dreams, you awaken refreshed and guilt free. The “universe” you dreamed up, the characters you played, the adventures you experienced all have not touched your waking life with glory or sin. Hey, it was just a dream, right?

Exactly like this, your waking-dream is Universal Consciousness displaying the fullest possible presentation of the potentiality of your body/mind-the sublime nuances of spirituality, the depths of despair, the darkness, the light-all of it. And, Universal Consciousness will not have any doubts about ANY of it, because it is only an experience producing automaton. Every quality will be explored using billions of nervous systems. EVERY!

Your life has been created in all its robust magnificence. All colors, all tints, the complete spectrum of desire and fulfillment, an incredibly subtle weaving of all qualities, has been yours to behold as it has all wonderfully been created for the pure enjoyment of it.

Question: have you ever enjoyed a monster movie, a dark drama, a film that ends sadly? How about the movie your life is right now? Can’t it compete with any film you’ve ever seen-in terms of how strong the emotional content is, the density and depth of meaning, and the actual, sheer, wonderful danger, adventure, thrill, exhilaration of it?

There, always right THERE, you have had your life manifesting with EVERYTHING within your COMPLETE VIEW. In your face, baby! And it’s a lot better than anything a movie ticket will get for you.

Like this, we can view ourselves. The sheer drama of our lives, the mystery of what our next thought will be, what a ride!

And all along, the witness too.

Peek a boo!

Ask yourself,Is God ashamed of creation? Does God ever feel depressed? Shouldn’t God feel pretty awful-after all, look at the “imperfections” that ALL THIS contains? The horror, the evil, the pain of it all, how could God possibly put up with this?

Is this all a dream of God? When God awakens from the this dream with all its darkness, is that the same as it is for me when I awaken from a dream that had some darkness too?

When I look at my own personality’s darkside, can I both be concerned and yet above it all? Is having this sense of characterhood and distance from my life’s values a dangerous thing to allow?

If I were perfect, then what more could I ask for? Can I get it now without doing the transformations of personality? What is the difference between perfection and being beyond all qualities?

Would I ever drink a can of chocolate syrup with a straw? How about one Pandorian sip? Am I really just a conduit that is thrilled no matter what quality comes through me? Do I love my own evil?

No absolutes in ALL THIS

Walter’s cartoon world seems to contain immutable laws. Any continuity “across panels” invites his ego to claim that some THING exists…such as a law of nature. We know that Walter’s point of view is parochial. Just because the ball “always” had “fallen” downwards, he thought he had discovered an absolute that transcended the power of the author of the comic strip and was “eternally unchangeable.” Walter thought that the author of his world MUST always OBEY a rule. It is beyond Walter’s comprehension that the author might do anything differently in the next panel or even, horrors, “go back” and erase a previous panel’s contents. To Walter, history is inviolate, and he seems oblivious to the fact that if that were true it would limit the freedom of his cartoon world’s author to create. In this fashion, Walter was showing that he denied the omnipotence of the creator of his world. This is cartoon atheism.

Walter Ego declares the existence of gravity. Yet we, completely, WITHOUT EFFORT, standing “outside of his world,” understand that Walter’s gravity does not exist! Walter lives in a world without any actual forces whatsoever. Each panel springs an entirely new Walter at us. He is completely wrong about being a sentient entity or that continuity across panels verifies the substantiality of a law of nature.

So too, in our world, absolutes are illusions. There are no limitations on what the next panel of life might be OR on what life has been! Cherishing such assumptions limits your understanding of Universal Consciousness (ALL THIS, God, Nature, etc.,) and the true absolute witness from which Universal Consciousness springs. Clearly the very root of our attachment to qualities is our insistence that they are absolutely “there.” This is understandable. We ARE, after all, the absolute witness, and even a symbolic reminder of our true status is compellingly attractive. It is a form of “cosmic narcissism.”

In actuality, there is only NOW, and thus the very basis of causality is bogus when continuity is exposed as a trick of memory. There are no laws of nature. If we examine the “now” in Walter’s world-one single panel-we see no laws, because there is no action across panels (time passing) in which to establish continuity. The past does not exist in any linear fashion. Our walter-lives are not a long chain of events caused by events caused by events, etc. Any insistence that there is causality immediately denies the omnipotent potentiality of the truly absolute witness.

So, if we lock ourselves into insisting that any statement, any experience, any THING is separate, immutable, true, and/or “merely a part” of ALL THIS, we create a mindset that absolute reality lies “out there” beyond ourselves. And, devastatingly, we conclude that should we want to discover our eternal, immortal self then it should be sought for “there.” While all along, here is where we are.

Thus we find that the ego insists that continuity (its own basis for believing itself to be real) is an essential part of the proof of any other thing’s reality. The witness fails this test. It is beyond time. It is the now. It has no history. It does nothing. Hence, the ego scoffs and insists that only the ego is the real experiencer of the individual’s life since it can “recall” the past. The ego cannot believe the witness is real-the witness is an illusion to it!

Ask yourself,What possible benefit could there be to thinking everything is untrue? Where would the meaning of life be then? Isn’t this just like Walter’s author trying to convince him of his true status?

How can I ever possibly believe that there is no such thing as a “past that absolutely happened?”

And what about GOD? How could I EVER think that God must have absolute freedom from all the qualities that I have been taught that God has? How can I possibly go against all that I have been taught and believed all my life? How can I add this concept to my “God concepts” collection without creating a mind numbing paradox?

1. Does one plus one equal two? 2. Is a straight line straight? 3. How do I answer these three questions?

If my mirror’s image talked back to me, what would be so wrong with that?

Look Who’s Talking

Well, we’re almost through with your final examination.

Today’s statement, for your approval, is one that presents the highest knowledge….and beyond. Examine your reactions to all these words. If something appears untrue or far fetched, “feels wrong,” look deeper. All these final examination “assertions” have, at least partially, had over 130 preparatory exercises which yield “hard data” upon which you can base conclusions similar to these statements. Without the experiences of the exercises (or other self help programs,) it is almost impossible for your intellect to grasp them or even care to explore them with rigor.

All religions and philosophies attempt to explain the ultimate, and Walter is here to tell us in his inimitable fashion. In the statements of western philosophers, especially those of high energy physicists, reality is said to break down upon inspection, and all bets are off when you look very, very closely at anything. Commonly you hear, “The ultimate ground state of existence is purely abstract-no materiality can be found. Out of the “virtual field” an infinite amount of material can suddenly spring.” To our egos such scientific statements are completely insane. To our egos, such summations seem completely beyond any practical application to our daily lives and should be largely ignored or used only for cocktail party chatter.

In eastern philosophies, the cliche is: “I am that. Thou art that. ALL THIS is that.” Again, this is a completely insane statement when considered from an egocentric viewpoint.

What to do?

As Walter opines, the problem is that whenever you try to find anyone other than yourself, you always end up looking into a mirror.

Walter’s right!

Our nightly dreams are the most powerful metaphor that any of the exercises have presented. In the ultimate analysis, your daily life is EXACTLY like your nightly dreams. Examine any experience that you have in the waking state with the dynamic “take” that you are, in fact, dreaming, and you will EASILY understand, deeply, how the above philosophers’ statements can be true.

For instance, consider a typical dream in which you have an ordinary experience of talking to someone in a furnished room. Upon awakening, your perspective changes. You have a REALIZATION-a self evident, obvious, indisputable, understanding is intimately yours, and, relative to the understanding of the dream-characters, you are “enlightened” and know the “ultimate” truth about that dream world. You know that both persons in the dream were deluded about their true status, and that each dream-person was seamlessly integrated in the dream milieu. Dream-objects in the room were no more “separate entities” than the persons. The entire dream was “one piece.” From your awakened viewpoint, unity was the overriding aspect of that world.

A dream-scientist in that dream-room would have announced,

“My instruments find no ultimate particle, and ALL THIS is some sort of “mind stuff” that requires a strong, new definition of consciousness to understand. The closer I look, the more everything is made out of the same stuff! There are no boundaries between things. This chair and the air next to it are made out of the same stuff. Our intellects are creating false boundaries in this “sea of stuff,” and thus only are separate things formed. There’s no “we;” there’s only STUFF.”

A dream-guru would have said,

“ALL THIS is an illusion. Everything is simultaneously sprung from the same source. I, thou, and ALL THIS springs from some other source that is not observable by our senses. We are being dreamed! Our dream-eyes cannot see the alarm clock next to the bed of the sleeping head that is producing this world. Even if the sleeping person awakens, our eyes will not be able to see it. Our very nature is ephemeral. All our memories, our histories, our experiences, our society, our truths evaporate when the dreamer awakens. The taste of an apple in this dream is only symbolic of the real tasting of an awakened-apple. One plus one equals two here only because we insist that there are separate objects. All our polarizations are illusions.”

This ultimate truth is the answer to EVERY problem in life. No matter what crisis you experience, if it were inside a dream, the awakened-solution is always, “You’re mistaken. There is no problem. No solution is needed.” You have never, NOT ONCE, in your entire life, awakened from a dream and felt it necessary to “go back in there” to: “get even,” “finish what I started,” “get my payoff,” “straighten out my affairs before I awaken,” “hide my money in some place where I can get it when I come back,” “save everyone there with the truth about ‘enlightened awakened consciousness,” or “kiss my loved ones one last time.”

This is because you know yourself to be the author of the dream. You “were” the pair, the chair, the air, and you think it quite fair that you no longer care.

Just so is ALL THIS sprung from one source. Just so is ALL THIS purely unified, or better put, was NEVER a set of separate parts. Just so is your predicament like a dream-character’s challenge. You must learn to accept that every value will eventually disappear along with the objects to which they are attached-even the value of being. This is the one thing that the dream-character can seem to do to “better” its life; that is, come to an intellectual understanding of its dream-status.

The good news is that, upon awakening, nothing is lost, because there never was something in the first place. The good news is that awakening is perfectly, deeply, completely, absolutely, instantly, acceptable. The good news is that you and Walter have the same problem, and you ALREADY KNOW the solution to his problem. Walter’s solution is yours RIGHT NOW. There is no need to deepen this understanding. All you have to do for your own character is dwell on that solution. Cherish it. Brandish it. Live it. Own it. Use it. Promote it. Sing it. Glorify it.

Or not. That’s okay too. No matter what, unity is the overriding status of ALL THIS, and every time you analyze a remembered dream, you can attend to this knowledge.

The absolute witness is immutably there. It supports ALL THIS which springs from it instant by instant. ALL THIS is its reflection. The exercises all give lessons about this truth. Verily, the witness is the very heart of all of them since you are the witness.

Ask yourself,If I did a Consciousness Exercise while I was dreaming, would I wake up?

Could I just look at all my experiences, ALL OF THEM, like I look at all the people on a busy street as I am strolling along? Can I just as easily find my way through them with as little regard for their roiling destinies?

Am I going to use these exercises or some other program(s) to get ALL THIS straightened out once and for all? Or not? What do I feel like doing now?

Just what DO I feel like cherishing, brandishing, living, owning, using, promoting, singing, and glorifying today-absolute freedom or boundaries everywhere?


Here we are at the last exercise. After it is finished, I’ll add a personal note.

Today’s statement. Read it with your heart looking over your shoulder.

Here’s Walter. “He” now appears to “be” “enlightened.” We are not fooled by this.

Let’s sum up everything about “his” “world.” This symbolic representation of a human being now represents “getting it” or “enlightenment.” “His” “life” is a complete illusion. “His life” is symbolic of qualities that are not actually present in “his world.” “He” is not a sentient entity. “He” does not experience. That which witnesses “his life” and interprets and makes meaningful “its” symbolism is beyond “his” ALL-THIS-cartoon-world. Simply put, any quality of this “world” is non-existent, and when you, a non-cartoon observer, are witnessing this “world” you have mental experiences which are themselves merely symbols of qualities.

As a walter-reader, you are this cartoon-world’s witness. Indeed, as all the exercises point to, you are the only witness of-not just your own nervous system or a walter-world-but also ALL THIS which includes these things. It is you who enlivens the cartoon-world and makes it “seem” to have values, qualities-substance. Walter and “his” “world” are exactly like words on a paper-symbols only that must have a reader that actually has experienced the qualities that the paper symbols represent. Without such a reader, the symbols are not even symbols. If a tree falls in the forest…….

Walter “doesn’t” “own” the “shirt” “on” “his” “back,” because “he” is not an entity that CAN have anything. “He,” to you, is not even singular-“he” is a set of image-symbols that have been thus far observed by you, and “he” also is a much greater set of potential images that you would instantly recognize as belonging to the walter-images-set despite never having yet viewed them. All values that seem to be “in” “his” “world” are, in fact, merely electro-chemical operations that are “triggered” inside your nervous system when you view “his” symbols.

This knowledge about the walter-world is intuitively, deeply, true without needing any proof.

Notwithstanding the vital importance of distinguishing between the real and the symbolic, some persons fail to do so and get “caught up” with all manner of ridiculousness-typically this is called the “human condition.” In fact, your character is just such a ridiculous person, and not having clarity about the real/symbolic issue is the source of ALL YOUR CHARACTER’S PROBLEMS.

Your mind/body system, most of the time, regards aspects of ALL THIS as actual objects which “have” values instead of merely being triggering mechanisms of your mind/body’s electro-chemical processes-which themselves are merely internal symbols of values which actually and only reside in the potentiality of the witness. Being the witness, you are able to manifest through the mind/body any quality that the triggering “calls for.” The experiencing of the process of a quality being manifested in your nervous system is so intimate, so subtle, that you mistake the process for the quality-when it is actually the case that you ARE that quality-and all other qualities simultaneously.

The challenge of solving the predicament, the embarrassment, of having a mind/body is yours to accept or to toss aside. If accepted, your character’s “job” is to see if it can come to absolutely view its own operations as it now views “walter-operations.” Your mind/body must come to recognize its own status as ONLY a set of symbols which reflect or represent aspects of “the infinite set of all values” that is known by the word “witness.” You can experience symbols of qualities (processes in your nervous system,) but you can only BE the potentiality of that infinite set of all qualities, the witness.

These Consciousness Exercises, if dwelt upon, can serve many purposes for the character that wishes to ever more deeply imbue this knowledge as a vital and omnipresent dynamic in all the processes of the nervous system that is manifesting the character. History is filled with psychological, philosophical, and spiritual techniques-all claiming to help a “seeker” to find the true self. For you, some techniques might be better than others, but the very worst of them will suffice if your character is relentless, persevering, earnest, and honest. These personality qualities provide the basis for the constant use of whatever exercises or techniques are at hand until the concepts of witness, being, and consciousness saturate the character.

When using any psychological or spiritual technique (there are thousands,) the most powerful, core experience that can be obtained (since the witness cannot be experienced) is that of pure being. This is the state of least excitation of the body/mind. From this vantage, the character balances between being and non-being, silence and noise, ALL THIS and the witness. In pure being, “amness” is the only manifest quality-a very simple situation with none of the confusion of “normal operations” to “drown out” this delicate state. After the mind/body has spent some time at this existential junction point, realization of the witness “spontaneously occurs.”

Many of these Consciousness Exercises (and thousands of other techniques) can “take” “you” “to” this “doorway.” (Remember that you, the real you, being the witness, are already on the “other side” of the doorway.) Once “you,” the mind/body, are “stabilized” “in” pure being, from there “sudden realization” of your witness status “automatically happens.”

Dwelling in pure being is the basic goal of all spiritual techniques, but often it does not clearly seem to be the case since jargon differs from technique to technique. For instance, you may be worshipping God as your technique and find pure being is the result. During some types of prayer a sense of greater and greater peace and love develops into a profoundly infinite feeling of silence, and naturally, after having the experience you may find yourself using religious concepts to communicate to yourself or others about the experience-rather than trying to “port” your heartfelt language into the more “emotion free” jargon that a psychologist might prefer. God is ALL THIS. Worshipping God invariably results in developing finer and finer awareness of the purest form of your CONCEPT of God. This purest form is most fully expressed as your own inner sense of being. The mechanics of the religious experience are completely compatible with any of the tenants expressed within these exercises.

Other techniques are secular and seem quite out of the “religious realm.” Yet they too can lead you to that state of least excitation from which the “leap into” the realization of your status as the witness “occurs.” The “secular techniques” work for atheists or saints. Once your true status as witness is realized (not achieved,) issues that are religious in format are easily assimilated and found completely compatible with your “new” world view.

In either case, whether religious or secular methods are used, the goal is ALWAYS union with the ultimate. The witness is the ultimate. The character acts as if the ultimate is a “thing” and labels it with “thing names” like: the soul of God, the observer of ALL THIS, your inner self, transcendental consciousness, unqualified being, pure existence, etc. These “things” are all ways of talking about pure being (Universal Consciousness) from which ALL THIS manifests. This is because the experience of pure being, by definition, precludes any other thoughts occurring, and after having had that experience, the character remembers it as pure unity without any quality except amness. However, it’s okay to let the character “have its little belief” that pure being is the ultimate goal. Dwelling in pure being is just the thing for a character to “do.” From that point, the witness can be realized. Once the witness status is realized, the character then, ironically, continues “its” “life” as it would have even had the witness not been realized. Yet all illusions will have been pierced like a child’s balloon-forever.

Clarity about your witness status is NOT a requirement for a successful and wonderful and complete life. ALL THIS is running the show, and it will determine if your character will take that leap. That said, if you are interested in the knowledge discoverable by using the exercises (or thousands of other techniques,) chances are that you will eventually take that leap, otherwise, not, and no error will have occurred. ALL THIS is perfection’s reflection. Clarity about that can brings clarity to all other worldly issues.

Walter is not enlightened. You, as a character in the great drama that ALL THIS is, cannot become enlightened either, but you, in your true status as witness, are completely beyond any need for enlightenment. Dwelling repeatedly in pure being is the technique for proving this final statement: You are perfection and ALL THIS is your reflection.

Ask yourself,Now that the exercises have ended, what questions should I ask myself?

Edg’s personal note:

Writing these exercises has been a profound consciousness exercise for me. How could it be otherwise, eh? I would very much like to hear from you about your experiences with them. I expect that such feedback will be an equally profound and educational experience for me. You can write to me directly at

What next? I don’t know, and neither does anyone else! After all, the person who is writing to you right now is only a character! Universal Consciousness surprises me too. Basically, I haven’t a clue. Despite that, let me say that I have had thoughts about developing the exercises into a much more sophisticated tool set. Stay tuned, and over time we’ll all see what actually gets manifested.

One interesting result of this project is quite wonderful: I find myself caring about you without knowing the least about you. Let’s do lunch! This project has been about expanding happiness which is the deepest purpose of life. I am, at this very moment, wishing just that for your character despite having no attachment to the outcome of such wishes.

May you walk with the sun and the moon and all the stars for as long as you wish.

My sincerest regards,

Edg Duveyoung